Leisnitz water path

The Leisnitz – once justifiably regarded as a dangerous stream, was tamed over time by numerous control measures (1st flood mitigation efforts were put in place between 1803 and 1896). As a consequence of the last round of improvements at the turn of the millennium, the so-called Leisnitz Water Path was created.

The path consists of 9 information stations, featuring mosaic stone designs and accounts of local legends written by the elementary school children of St. Margarethen. Seating and sunbathing opportunities add to the experience, whilst those who dare can paddle through the ice-cold mountain water and even go swimming.

Since 2010, the Leisnitz Water Path has yet another attraction: the story of the lonely giant on the Aineck. A picture book story, told and illustrated by the kindergartners of St. Margarethen, leads the little ones in a playful, motivating way from station to station. At the end of the story (and path) at Schlögelberger Wildlife Park & Gasthof Schlögelberger, if you show them your fully completed treasure map (obtained earlier from the tourist office or your hotel), you will receive your so-called Stone of Courage as a reward!

The Water Path (which takes about 1.5 hrs. to walk), leading to 9 information stations featuring mosaic stone designs and written legends, was distinguished in 2011 by the Austrian Tourist Office - Germany within the framework of the "Internationale Tourismus Börse Berlin" (ITB) trade show, winning 3rd place as an "Innovative Tourist Idea".

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